Australian Shepherds

Dave and Laura Fuller






Sales Contract/Health Guarantee

This document constitutes a contract and a written guarantee for the following terms and conditions:


Show and/or breeding quality animal with no disqualifying faults and full ASCA/AKC registration.

Pet/companion quality animal with limited ASCA/AKC registration. Registration papers will be issued with the understanding that the animal will be spayed or neutered.

1. SELLER warrants that the dog is in good health at the time BUYER assumes ownership. SELLER shall refund BUYERS purchase moneys if said dog should become ill from a communicable disease or congenital illness within 48 hours of receipt and is returned to the breeder. Documentation from a licensed veterinarian must confirm illness was contracted prior to BUYERS assumption of the dog.

2. SELLER warrants that said dog shall be free of the following:

A. Canine Hip/Elbow Dysplasia – as evidenced on radiographic findings and evaluated by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA). The dog must have an OFA done by the age of 30 months.

B. Bite – All show quality dogs shall have a correct bite according to the ASCA breed standard.

C. Congenital Defects – heart defects, blood disorders, epilepsy, and thyroid dysfunction.

D. Temperament – extremely unstable or vicious temperaments.

3. SELLER retains the right to first offer of purchase. The dog shall be offered at no more than the original purchase price, unless the dog has received championship /advanced performance titles, then it shall be offered at fair market value.

4. At the time said dog is bred or resold, all guarantees shall be considered fulfilled. No guarantees shall be transferred.

5. REPLACEMENT POLICY: If this dog is found to have any of the aforementioned defects, said dog will be replaced with one of equal or greater value, at no charge to the BUYER. All defects must be documented by a licensed veterinarian. Any temperament problems are subject to the breeder’s evaluation. If both testicles do not descend on a male show/breed potential puppy by the age of 1 year old, the Seller will refund to the Buyer $200 upon proof of neutering.


1. BUYER agrees that he/she is not acting as an agent of, nor will the BUYER sell this dog or it’s progeny to any agent, pet store, wholesale outlet, suspected or known puppy mills, guard dog business, research facility, or unethical dog breeders.

2. BUYER agrees to properly care for and protect this dog, to provide proper shelter, timely and necessary vaccinations, a balanced diet, regular exercise, socialization, and puppy obedience training.

3. BUYER agrees NEVER to allow dog to roam free among neighboring properties, NEVER chain or tether the dog, NEVER crate the dog for excessively long periods of time, NEVER abuse, tease, or use abusive training techniques.

4. BUYER understands that if this dog is mistreated or neglected, or if any part of this contract is breached, the SELLER has the legal right to repossess the dog and demand transfer of ownership. Buyer agrees that if for some reason they are no longer able to keep the dog due to emotional, physical, or financial reasons, the dog and its registration papers will be returned to the breeder at no cost to the breeder.



David and Laura Fuller

18840 Avenue D Perris, CA 92570


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BlueMyst Australian Shepherds

Sales Contract


Puppy's Name: BlueMyst's ______________________   Date of Birth _________________


AKC Registration or Litter # ______________   ASCA Registration or Litter # ______________


Show/Breed Quality

Pet/Companion Quality (neuter/spay)

Male    Female    Tail: Docked


Coat Color ______________   Markings __________________

Eye Color:   Left __________   Right ___________   

SIRE'S NAME: ___________________________

   AKC # _______________

ASCA # _______________


DAM'S NAME: ___________________________

  AKC #  ________________

ASCA # ________________

Sales Price/Paid in Full   Date of Sale/Delivery

Deposit Paid/Date   Balance Due

Balance to be paid in full, in cash, when puppy is delivered.

Purchaser ___________________________________

Address _____________________________________

City ____________________   State ____   Zip Code __________

Phone __________________   Email _______________________


I hereby agree to all of the terms and conditions set forth in this Sales Contract.


Signature ______________________________   Date __________________


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