Australian Shepherds

Dave and Laura Fuller






Truly's and Jack's puppy pictures were taken on October 5, 2005, at 12 days of age.

The puppies' eyes are opening, and they are beginning to walk, or at least try to walk. They are getting bigger and more active by the day.

We hope you enjoy the pictures.


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                                  12 Days Old

Reserved by Steve  (Black Tri Male)


Reserved by Gerald and Chris  (Black Tri Male)


Reserved by Toi  (Black Tri Female)


Reserved by Beverly  (Black Tri Female)


Reserved by Betty  (Blue Merle Male)


Reserved by Gary and Sue  (Blue Merle Male)


Reserved by Torey and Mason  (Blue Merle Male)


Reserved by Alex and Keri  (Blue Merle Female)


Reserved by Norm and Lucy  (Blue Merle Female)


Reserved. Annie is staying here with us at BlueMyst.

(Blue Merle Female)