Australian Shepherds

Dave and Laura Fuller






Truly's Jack"s puppy pictures were taken on May 1, 2005, at 8 weeks.

Puppies are walking, running, barking, growling and playing. We are in the process of clicker training them to sit, down, shake, and walk on leash.

The puppies spend their time in our family room with us, and with our adult Aussies.

We hope you enjoy the pictures.


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              Eight Weeks Old

Chloe has gone to her new home in Newport Coast, CA

Blue Merle Female


Zander has gone to his new home in San Diego, CA

Blue Merle Male


Princess has gone to her new home in Murrieta, CA

Black Tri Female


Black Tri Male


Sonny is staying here with us at BlueMyst

Black Tri Male


Black Tri Male


Black Tri Male