Australian Shepherds

Dave and Laura Fuller






Zoey's and Josh's puppy pictures were taken on January 14, 2010, at 9 weeks of age.

Their vision and hearning is fully developed.

The tan and copper points are continuing to come in, along with the nose and facial pigmentation.

Their eye color is a dark bluish brown at this time and will change to brown or blue over the next few weeks or months.

The puppies are continuing to learn socialization skills from everyone.

They love to play with toys, soft blankets, and towels.

They are alert and inquisitive about everything.

They will get a bath before going home. They will also receive a puppy starter kit, itemized on the "How to Reserve a BlueMyst Puppy" page.

We hope you enjoy the pictures.


Ellie and Johnny love to eat pig ears. At this age, it takes about an hour or two to eat one. The older Aussies eat them like potato chips.

                                                            Nine Weeks Old

Johnny, renamed "Shadow" has gone to his new home with Scott in Costa Mesa, CA

Ellie, renamed "Bandit" has gone to her new home with Valerie and her family in Pasadena, CA