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Updated: October 23, 2010 

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Weekly puppy pictures, of our last two litters, which have gone to wonderful homes.

Zoey/Josh Litter, born June 6, 2010.

Misty/Josh Litter, born June 12, 2010.

Two days old, 6-8-10 and 6-14-10

One week old, 6-13-10 and 6-19-10

Two weeks old, 6-20-10 and 6-26-10

Funpics, 6-22-10 and 6-30-10

Three weeks old, 6-27-10 and 7-3-10

Four weeks old, 7-4-10 and 7-4-10

Five weeks old, 7-11-10 and 7-17-10

Six weeks old, 7-18-10 and 7-24-10

Seven weeks old, 7-25-10 and 7-31-10

Eight weeks old, 8-1-10 and 8-7-10

Nine weeks old, 8-8-10 and 8-14-10

Ten weeks old, 8-15-10 and 8-21-10

Previous litters, click the links below:

Zoey and Josh Litter born on November  12, 2009

Annie and Misty with Eddie Litter born on May 18 & 21, 2009

Ed and Misty Litter born on February 20, 2008

Truly and Jack Litter born on September 23, 2005

Truly and Jack Litter born on March 6, 2005

Truly and Jack Litter born on October 16, 2003

We do keep our own puppies from some of our litters, so we can monitor the health, temperament, and structure based on the ASCA standards. We have had no health issues with any of the parents or with any of our puppies. We have also been in contact with a number of people who purchased our puppies, and those puppies and owners are extremely happy.

Our puppies spend a lot of time with our family being socialized and trained. The puppies were born in our house and are handled and talked to every day. They spend the nights in our bedroom (until they are about 3 to 4 weeks old) and the days in our family room.

We introduce the puppies to clicker training at about 6 weeks and continue until they go to their new homes. We practice walking on leash, sitting, down, and come, prior to going to their new homes. We also paper train the puppies, then they are trained to use a litter box, or in our case, a potty pool.

Our goal is to find great homes for each of our new puppies, and we look forward to meeting the new puppy owners.

We Do Not Ship Puppies

(This site is updated when new information and availability of puppies occur.)