Australian Shepherds

Dave and Laura Fuller






Truly's and Jack's puppies born on September 23, 2005, have gone to great homes.

This was an outcross of our female, Heartfire's Tried and True CD (Truly), and Woodlake's PrimeTime News (Jack).

We kept one puppy from our first litter. You can see a picture of her (Misty) on the "Our Girls" page.

She is extremely intelligent, great dispositions, very athletic, and a joy to have around.

She did great in her obedience class and has had a great start in her agility training.

We also kept a male from our latest litter (Sonny). Sonny also aced his obedience class, and was an all star in agility.

Like his sister, Misty, he is very smart and athletic, with a great temperament.


Truly's and Jack's Litter, born Sept. 23, 2005

Sept. 24, 2005, 1 day old

Sept. 30, 2005, 1 week old

Oct. 5, 2005, 12 days old

Oct. 12, 2005, 19 days old

Oct. 21, 2005, 4 weeks old

Oct. 30, 2005, 5 weeks old

Nov. 6, 2005, 6 weeks old

Nov. 12, 2005, 7 weeks old


More puppy pictures from earlier litters with Truly and Jack

Mar. 6, 2005 Litter

Oct. 2003 Litter


We do keep our own puppies from some of our litters, so we can monitor the health, temperament, and structure based on the ASCA standards. We have had no health problems with either of the parents, nor have we had any health problems with any of our puppies.

We have been in contact with many of the people who purchased puppies from previous litters, and all puppies and owners are extremely happy.

The puppies are born in our house, and we hold them, and talk to them every day. Our puppies spend 24 hours a day with our family, being socialized and trained. They spend days in the family room, and they spend the nights in our bedroom until they are about 4 weeks old. After 4 weeks of age, they stay in the family room at night.

Clicker training of the puppies begin at about 6 weeks, and continues until they go to their new homes. We introduce the puppies to walking on leash, sitting, and down.

The puppies are paper trained and litter box trained by 8 weeks of age, when they go to their new homes.


                                       (This site is updated when new information and availability of puppies occur.)