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BlueMyst Australian Shepherds is a small hobby breeder kennel located in Riverside County in Southern California. All of our Aussies come from champion bloodlines, are healthy, intelligent, athletic, and have great temperaments. All of our Aussies are dual registered with ASCA and AKC.

Updated: October 23, 2010

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We have 1 rescue available:

Charlie is a male German Shepherd Mix, who is neutered. Charlie's Gallery  A song for Charley

Click on Aussie pictures at the top, and to the left, on any page, to get links with information, art, and music about puppies and other animals. These links were added for educational and entertainment purposes only.

On "Our Boys" and "Our Girls" pages you will find links to their pedigrees and picture galleries.

On our "Puppies" page you will find links to puppy pictures, by the date they were taken. You will see our most recent litter, along with additional links to our earlier litters.

On the "Aussie Info" page you will find links that specifically relate to Australian Shepherds.

On the "Links" page you will find sites that are devoted to health, agility training, obedience training, and areas that relate to dogs in general, regardless of breed.

We have a "Sales Agreement/Health Guarantee" which gives equal and fair consideration for both the new parents and the new puppy.

If you would like to know more about reserving a puppy, you can go to the "How to Reserve a BlueMyst Puppy" page.

We have added "Vaccinations," "Worming," "Fleas and Ticks," "Potty Training," "Being Safe Outside," and "Aussie Grooming," for puppy owners who need to know what to do after bringing your new puppy home. We hope, after speaking to some new puppy owners, that most of your questions will be answered.

We are very conscientious about the health and welfare of all of our Aussies. We do not use any pesticides or herbicides in any area of our home or property where the dogs could have access or exposure.

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