Australian Shepherds

Dave and Laura Fuller






Annie/Misty/Eddie puppy pictures were taken on October 18, at about 5 months old.

The puppies are up to date on all vaccinations. They have lost about half of their baby teeth and are a couple of inches shorter than their moms.

The mommies (Misty and Annie) and daddy (Eddie) are teaching them how stay in the yard when the gate is opened. They are also learning who to bark at, and when to stop.

The puppies are being disciplined by their parents and family members, including siblings, so they are learning when to quit when they get too rough.

They are also learning how to behave in the house. They are learning not to jump up on anyone, or anything, like the kitchen counter. They are learning not to bother us for our food when we are eating, and they only chew on things we give to them to chew on, most of the time.

We hope you enjoy the pictures.


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Annie's and Eddie's puppies: Marty and Ace at 5 months old


   Annie's Red Merle Male



Ace has gone to live in his new home with Amber and Sean in Huntington Beach, CA

   Annie's Black Tri Male



Misty's and Eddie's puppies: Bear and Peggy Sue at 5 months old

"Bear" renamed "Buck," has gone to his new home and family with Cheryl and Mark in San Diego, CA

  Annie's Black Tri Male



Peggy Sue has gone to live in her new home with Nancy and her family in Leucadia, CA

   Misty's Blue Merle Female