Pedigree of:

Heartfires Man About Town
Black C/W RF F=17.12%
Ch Old West Banditof Heartfire
Black C/W RF AS-15992E24M-NOPI F=9.64%
E104065 DL79094908
Ch Heartfires Willin 'n' Able DNA-CP
Blue C/W AS-9605G25M F=6.45%
E67768 DL52988101
Ch Out Tom Cattin' At Starcross
E39898 DL45845301
Ch Tres Joles Rocky Mtn Dude
Ch Cats Meow of Starcross
Ch Palomas Miss Moxette
E55004 DL46319401
Ch Somercrests Macon Fire
Ch Talkooks Autumn Whisper
Ch Outlaws Saloon Girl of Oldwest DNA-CP
Black C/W RF AS-12597E24F F=12.46%
E85529 DL66764605
SVCH WTCH Ch Beauwoods Rustlin'in the Sun UDT RD RV-N DNA-CP
E24874 DL39311301
Ch Sunspot of Windermere
Ch Peppers Special K
Outlaws Blaze of Glory
E60283 DL46398106
Ch Summertime Showdown of Oldwest DNA-CP 
Ch Alibis Accidental Fortune

Ch Heartfires No Place Like Home Red C/W
DN12601204 9/24/2005

Ch Heartfires Monster Bash   Ch Redrock's Physical Graffitti CU-D  Ch CU-D's Rolln Out The Red Carpet
 Wyndridges Fresh Powerof Kaweah
 Old West Demand at Heartfire  Ch Heartfires Willin N Able
 Ch Outlaw Saloon Girl of Old West
 Ch Heartfires O'Jacquie  Ch Stoneridge Going for Revenge  Ch Carolina's Rave Reviews
 Ch C.R. Red Legend of Stoneridge
 Heartfires Pennies From Heaven  Ch Sure to be Famous of Tres Rios
 Ch Windogo's Heartfire
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